DSD 28mm 12V 24V DC Brushless Motor Driver Planetary Gear Motor

Warranty: 3months-1year
Model Number: DSD-28RPBL2838
Usage: BOAT, Car, Electric Bicycle, FAN, Home Appliance
Torque: 0.5~20Kgf.cm, 0.5~20Kgf.cm
Construction: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brushless
Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
Speed(RPM): 8~1622rpm
Continuous Current(A): No load 320mA
Efficiency: IE 4
Size: diameter 28mm
Voltage: 12-24V
Power: 4.3W
Speed: 8~1622rpm
Certificates: CE RoHS
Certification: ce, RoHS

DSD 28mm 12V 24V DC Brushless Motor Driver Planetary Gear Motor

Drawing (mm)

Remark: find the length of gearbox “L” in below Technical Data of Gearbox.

Configurations below are for reference only. Contact us for more.

Model Number Rated Volt. No Load At Max Efficiency Stall
Speed Current Speed Current Torque Power Current Torque
rpm mA rpm mA Kgf.cm W mA Kgf.cm
DS-28RPBL28380249000-14K 24V 642 320 421 900 1 4.32 1250 3
Remark: 1 Kgf.cm≈0.098 N.m≈14 oz.in 1 mm≈0.039 in

What a Model Number Tells You?
We follow some rules to create each model number. A model number would tell you a lot of useful messages. Here is a sample.

So here we can learn that it is a 37mm Round Spur gear motor, Machining Sand Casting Ducticle Iron Agricultural Machinery Steel Parts 12V driving motor #555, no load input speed 6000rpm and reduction ratio 100:1. Hey, what about output speed? You need to do a little calculation. Input speed 6000rpm ÷ reduction ratio 100 = 60rpm.

Technical Data of Gearbox

Reduction Stage 1 2 3 4
Reduction Ratio 3.7K, 5.2K 14K, 19K, 27K 51K, 71K, 100K, 139K 189K, Top quality inline helical bevel gearbox motor 264K, 369K, 515K, 721K
Gearbox Length “L” mm 27.5 35.5 43.5 51.5
Gearbox Efficiency 90% 81% 73% 65%

Technical Data of Motor

Motor model Rated Volt. No load Load Stall
Current Speed Current Speed Torque power Torque Current
V mA r/min mA r/min gf.cm W gf.cm mA
BL2838-012-6000 12 ≤220 6000 ≤360 4500 20 0.9 70 700
BL2838-024-6000 24 ≤80 6000 ≤150 4500 50 2.3 160 230

DIY with Your Gear Motor
With the Technical Data of Gearbox and Technical Data of Motor, 56mm low noise long life Large Torque 12v 24v brush dc planetary gear motor now you are ready to DIY with your gear motor. Follow the steps here.

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