Synmot 130mm 1.5kw 1500rpm servo motor with reducer 220V for automation

Model Number: 130A15C15C-RGx
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Phase: Three-phase
Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
AC Voltage: 208-230 / 240 V
Efficiency: Ie 3
Certification: ce, ECO
Rated Power: 1.5kW
Reduction Ratio: 5:1,7:1, Manual worm wheel gearbox mini gear box for textile machines 10:1
output Speed: 600rpm,428rpm,300rpm
Rated Voltage: 220V
Poles: 8
Certificated: CE /ISO 9001/2008
Packaging Details: wood crated Packing / follow consumer’s need
Port: Ningbo Port

Synmot 130mm 1.5kw 1500rpm servo motor with reducer 220V for automation
Product picture:


Synmot servo motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors, Output hole diameter 35mm worm gearbox NMRV90 speed reducers with B5 flange reductor the main features including :ultra energy-saving .high response and accuracy .low noise and low temperature rise.the rotor is made of high-performance rare-earth permanent magnet material .works reliably and tomaintain less.With low rotary inertia .it is easy to improve the rapidity of system .small volume.high speed and high torque.using the high-resilution encoder (17-bit .33-bit) to improve the position control control the current according to D-P principal axis transformation .which increase the torque control accuracy from 5% to 2% .Synmot servo motor have been widely used in injection molding machienry .textile machinery.CNC machinery etc.

Product Parameter:

Rated Power kw Rated Current A Reduction Ratio N:1 Output Torque Nm Output Speed rpm D1 Register Diameter mm L5 Register Length mm D2 Shaft Diameter mm L6 Shaft Length mm L3 Key Length mm L9 Flange Square mm D3 Fixing Hole Dia. mm D4 Fixing Hole Dis. mm L8 Length mm
60A20B30C-RGx 0.20 1.6 5 3 600 50 7 16 36.0 25 62 5.5 70 205
7 4 428
10 6 300
60A40B30C-RGx 0.40 2.7 5 6 600 50 7 16 36.0 25 62 5.5 70 225
7 9 428
10 13 300
80A70B30C-RGx 0.75 3.1 5 11 600 80 10 22 49.0 30 90 6.6 100 330
7 16 428
10 22 300
130A10C20C-RGx 1.00 4.1 5 32 400 110 12 32 66.5 45 115 9.0 130 315
7 45 286
10 64 200
130A15C15C-RGx 1.50 6.2 5 48 300 110 12 32 66.5 45 115 9.0 130 405
7 67 214
10 96 150
130A23C15C-RGx 2.30 9.8 5 73 300 110 12 32 66.5 45 115 9.0 130 455
7 103 214
10 146 150
190H33C15C-RGx 3.30 8.2 5 105 300 160 20 55 108.0 65 185 13.0 215 435
7 147 214
10 210 150
190H40C15C-RGx 4.00 10.0 5 127 300 160 20 55 108.0 65 185 13.0 215 435
7 178 214
10 255 150
190H55C15C-RGx 5.50 13.0 5 175 300 160 20 55 108.0 65 185 13.0 215 465
7 245 214
10 350 150
190H75C15C-RGx 7.50 17.0 5 239 300 160 20 55 108.0 65 185 13.0 215 505
7 334 214
10 478 150

Mounting Dimensions :

Synmot servo motor main advantage:
1.Ultra energy-saving.high response and accuracy .low noise and low temperrature rise.
2.The rotor is made of high-performance rare-earth.permanet magnet reliably and to maintainless.
3.With low rotary inertia so that it is easy to improve the rapidity of system .small voluime .high speed and high torque.
4.Global optimization using 2D and 3D inite element analysis .with low cogging .low torque-ripple and low noise and vibration .
5.Power range is from 0.4KWto 100KW .with the motor rated speed from 350 RPM to 20000RPM.
6.High acceleration and quick dynamic response .adopting high precision opical encoder (17 bit .33bit) to improve the position control accuracy .it control the current according to D-P principal axis transformation .which in crease the torque control accuracy from 5% to 2%.
Autoritative Certification:

Transport information:

1.Q:Can i get sample ?
A:We are hornered to offer you sample for quickly check .
2.Q:Do you have the product in stock ?
A:All standard models we got in stock .special products are manufactured according to your requirement .
3.Q:When do you delivery ?
A:It usually take 3-7 working days .but the exactly time vary from different order at the different time .
4.Q:Are the motors with brake ?
A:The standard without brake .but you can choose to install it or not .so the other size may be different .like length.weight and so on .
5.Q:How long can it works ?
A:Properly use can work for 3 years .
6.Q:Can the motors works in the water?
A:No.our motors can not work in the water.but they can prevent the splash water into the inner .
7.Q:How do you gerrantee your motors ?
A:Quality comes first.all the motor must pass the testing and then packaaged to delivery .
8.Q:Warranty period ?
A:18 months after the days then the products leave our factory .
9.Q:Payment period ?
A:In general.30% by T/T of the amount as deposit .70% by T/T of the amount need be paid within one week after the day when you receive the copy of the B/L by email or consultations .
About our company:

Zhejiang Synmot Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd (Synmot) is a subsidiary of China Chenglu Group .with a total planned investment of 80 million USD.Synmot covers an area of 200 mu and the total construction area is 180,000 square meters .now is striving to build a Synmot servo industry zone.Synmot is dedicated to research and application of energy saving technology in machienry .is a professional manufacturer of servo motors . servo drives. and servo system . The rated power of Synmot servo motors is 0.2-160 KW while the rated torque is 1-2500N.m and the rated speed is 350-20, Hot Sale Fully Automated Production AC Motor Speed reducer Worm Gear Motor Gear Box NMRVF75 Ratio7.5-100 Worm Gear Speed Reducer 000Rpm.The rated power of servo drives is 0.4-160Kw.which can satisfy the requirement of precise motion control in different industries .Synmot energy-saving system have beed widely used in 50-3000ton in jection molding machienry .die casting machinery.hydraulic machienry.textile machinery.elevators.CNC machinery tools.printing and packing machinery .metallurgy and mines etc .

Synmot has a famous electrical proffessor as the chief engineer .The technical team is composed of Ph.D.master.senior engineers with strong ability of innovation and engineering .It has more than 30 design patens and hsa established cooperation with Zhejiang university in production .design and research.Synmot has laboratories for servo motors.servo drives.EMC and energy-savign technologies.and can develop the specially specified servo system for automatic equipments.CNC machinery and inspestion devices.

Synmot adopt computerized managements systems such as ERP.OA.PLM etc.The enterprise culture is being positive.cooperative and pursuing excellence.takes technology as a guide. pays great attention to the product quality .so as to provide more environment-friendly .more precise and more stable provide the professional solutions in electrical servo systems.

Our faith:
Respect Every Consumer .Maximize Customer’s Profits

Our Service Philosophy:
Quality Best .Credit First and Customer First .

Our Service :
With more than ten years of experience.Synmot’s knowledge in bring innovative service solutions to transformation of end-users.agent and machinery.
Manufacturer has united to from our service .
With a focus on innovative services in servo field as well as supply training support .Synmot will deliver agile .cost -competitive customers can reduce costs.driving efficiency.
We are here .around the clock.around the world and always ready.

Why choose Synmot ?
01.Comprehensive strength:
Synmot is one of the leading manufacturers of servo systems in china.
02.Technical strength:
The technology team has rich experience in hydraulic machinery and electric automatization .and is proficient in oil circuit system .electric system and upper control system .can carry out R&D according to client special needs.
03.customer’s service :
A.Provide over-valued services including installation .debugging.maintenance and trouble shooting.
B.Assist agent to expend business and provide one-stop service.estabilish a trategic cooperative partnership with agents.grow and create brilliant performance together.
C.Supply cost-efficient products.provide excellent after-sales service.

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