2.4kw 1500 rpm 7000 rpm 24v 250w dual shaft outrunn wheelchair gear brushless dc gear motor with planetari gear box

Warranty: 3months-1year
Model Number: VOL-BL2K5B72
Usage: BOAT, Car, Electric Bicycle, FAN, Home Appliance, Shell Eco-marathon Competition Car
Type: brushless DC motor
Torque: 7.96Nm
Construction: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brushless
Protect Feature: Waterproof
Speed(RPM): 3000RPM
Continuous Current(A): 37.34A
Efficiency: Ie 3
Housing: Aluminum Frame
Speed Range: 3000rpm
Material: Permanent Magnets
Controller: Customized, Optional
Braker: Optional
Insulation Class: Class F
Enclosure: IP54
Poles: 4P, WZP-70-TQ PTO Gear Box Reducer for all kinds of Vehicles Dumper Fire Engine Refrigeration Truck Cement Mixer 6P, 8P…
Wire: 100% copper
Buty: S1 (continuous)
Certification: CCC, ce, RoHS
Packaging Details: B3 B5 B14 flange 2500W brushless dc motor 72V 3000RPM Packing: Standard sea or air package will be perfectly protected in the delivery.
Port: FOB Ningbo

Product Display

Motor type Output Voltage Load Speed Rated Torque Efficiency
KW V A RPM N.m %
VOL-BL075B48 0.75 48 16.98 3000 2.39 92
VOL-BL1K0C48 1 48 24.5 2500 3.82 85
VOL-BL1K2C24 1.2 24 63.3 4200 2.73 79
VOL-BL1K2C36 1.2 36 39.7 2270 5.05 84
VOL-BL1K5C24 1.5 24 73.5 2590 5.53 85
VOL-BL1K5C72 1.5 72 23.5 3200 4.48 89


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Q:Motor has been running then fails to start,what to do?A:Likely cause: Fuse or circuit breaker is tripped.
What to do: Replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

Likely cause: Armature is shorted. Motor may make a humming noise and the circuit breaker or fuse will trip. What to do: Disassemble motor and inspect the armature for a burnt coil. Inspect the commutator for burnt bars. If this condition exists, the motor needs to be replaced.

Likely cause: The brushes may be worn down too far and no longer make contact with the commutator. What to do: Check the brushes to make sure that they are still making contact with the commutator. Contact manufacturer for brushes.

Likely cause: Controller may be defective. What to do: Verify voltage is coming out of the controller.

Q: On initial installation, motor fails to start up,what to do?A: Likely cause: Motor is incorrectly wired What to do: Verify that the motor is wired correctly.

Likely cause: No output power from controller. What to do: Measure voltage coming from the controller.

Likely cause: Motor is damaged and the armature is rubbing against the magnets. What to do: Disassemble motor and see if the armature can be realigned by reassembly. Motor may have to be replaced.

Q: Motor takes too long to accelerate,what to do?A: Likely cause: Motor controller not properly set. What to do: Adjust the acceleration trim pot of the controller.

Likely cause: Brushes are worn. What to do: Verify brush length.

Likely cause: Bearings may be defective. What to do: Inspect bearings. Noisy or rough bearings should be replaced.

Q: Motor runs in the wrong direction,what to do?A: Likely cause: Incorrect wiring What to do: Interchange the two motor leads.

Q: Motor runs OK but has a clicking noise, nrv025 worm gearbox worm gear speed reducer gearbox 1 60 electric motor prices aluminium gearbox housing what to do?A: Likely cause: Suspect a burr on the commutator. What to do: Remove burr from commutator using a commutator stone.