AC Servo motor TPL series gear Planetary Gearbox Customized type factory directly

Warranty: 3months-1year, 12 months
Model Number: PTL-01
Type: Asynchronous Motor
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Phase: Three-phase
Protect Feature: IP55
AC Voltage: 220/380/400/660V
Efficiency: 90% Efficiency
Product Name: TPL Planetary gearbox
IP: IP55
Degree: 90 or 180°
Voltage: 220/380/400/660v
material: 100% copper
gear ration: 3:1—6000:1
Packaging Details: Carton
Port: Shenzhen or HK

AC Servo motor TPL series gear Planetary Gearbox

1. WPH series precision planetary gear speed reducer Model: WPH40, WPH60, WPH90, WPH120, WPH160, WPH200
2. The speed ratio: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 15, agricultural crop chaff cutting machine corn silage chaff cutter for kenya 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 64, 70, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, Tractor pto hay grass lawn rotary disc mower 350, 400, 500, 700, 10003. Stages: ThreePerformance and features:1. Planetary gear transmission interface using doesn't contain full needle needle bearing, and increase the contact area to improve structural rigidity and output torque;2. WPH series precision planetary gear reducer, with high precision, high rigidity, high load, high efficiency, high speed ratio, horizontal (foot mounted) cycloidal pin wheel reducer high life, low inertia, low vibration, low noise, low temperature rising, beautiful appearance, structure, light weight, easy installation, accurate positioning, etc, and is suitable for AC servo motor, DC servo motor, Farm Tractor Parts for Yannmar Kubota Iseki Tractor ECU ISEKI954 181-2662-200-1 stepper motor, hydraulic motor of growth and slow down transmission