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Warranty: 1 Year
Model Number: DM-36RPBL3625
Usage: Home Appliance, SMART HOME
Construction: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brushless
Speed(RPM): 1~1500RPM
Continuous Current(A): 0.2A-1.0A
Efficiency: 75%
Working Current: 0.2A-1.0A
Rated Torque:
Stall Torque:
Motor Speed: 1~1500RPM
Gears Style: Metal gear
Shaft diameter: 8mm
Normal Shaft Length: 20mm/Cutomized
Certification: CE, Rohs
Application: door lock, robotic
Working Hours: 800-1500 hours
Packaging Details: foam packed with outer paper cartons
Port: Shenzhen/HongKong

Products Specification

Product Name36mm Brushless Planetary Gear Motor
AdvantageHigh torque, Low-noise, Durable and High efficiency, Impressive precision, Compact size, Longer gear life,
Output ShaftD-cut or Customization
CertificationCE, ROHS, SGS, R series 1 1 ratio 90 degree gear box custom gear box washing machine gear box metal forging machinery ISO9001
ApplicationSmart Home, Robotics, Health Medical Care, Valve&Meter, Vending Machine, Industrial&Commercial products, etc
Output Shaft Motor Back Cover Gearbox Applications Advantages of Our DC Gear Motor High torqueWith more teeth in contact, the mechanism can transmit and withstand greater torque in a more uniform manner.Low-noiseThe multiple gears enable more surface contact. Rolling is much softer, and jumps are virtually nonexistent.Durable and High efficiencyThe bearing can reduce friction by connecting the shaft directly to the gearbox. It allows for better rolling and smooth running, simultaneously enhancing efficiency. Impressive precisionThe rotation angle is fixed, massey ferguson 4 disc plough fluted disc plough blade which improves the accuracy and stability of the rotation movement.Compact sizeThe planetary gear motor can be compact and small due to the planetary structure, in which multiple gears mesh together and orbit around a sun gear.LifetimeLonger gear life at similar loads Small DimensionSmall diameter with high torque, high speed Customization Shaft: D-cut, with hole, with screw hole, with ring-lot, etc Geabox: DONGMING support customized gearbox as your special performance requirementDC Motor: We can custom the motor's data as your requirementLoad Speed and Voltage: Customized Spee and voltage.Encoder: We also provide encoder with DC gear motor to support you control the position for output shaft. Our Services Our Advantages Related Products DM-12SSN2012mm Spur Gear Motor DM-37SS395 37mm Spur Gear motor DM-36EP555 Planetary Gear Motor DM-58SW555Worm Gear Motor DM-42RPBL4260BLDC Planetary Gear Motor DM-95SS555 Square Gearox Motor Company Profile WHAT WE DODongming Motor has 12 years experience in various kinds of dc gear motor designing and manufaturing. When a standard,"off-the-shelf" DC gear motor solution can not provide the optimal performance you need, please contact with us directly, WPA 100 worm gearbox. worm gear reducer.worm speed reducer we can provide OEM/ODM supports to work out an unique solution for your application.In most cases, we are able to optimize and enhance existing “standard” DC gear motor designs, with little-to-no NRE or tooling expense. For the more specialized applications, we do offer customized DC motor and gearbox as well. Our engineering and sales staffs are available to discuss all of your project specifics, conveniently. DC Motor Auto Assemly Rotor Assembly Line Production Line Output Shaft Assembly Mandrel Assembly Gearbox Assembly Quality Control Quality Control Flow Chart Two-dimensional projector Thickness Inspecting Components Dimension Microscope Microscope Hardness Tester Motor Wave form Inspect Motor Integrated Tester Noise Inspecting Motor performance Test Lifetime Cycle Test Packing and DeliveryDHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT. By SEA, By AIR CertificationsCE, ROHS, 2.5rpm high torque used korea waste disposer ac synchronous micro planetary gear motor ISO9001, SGS, etc