dc 3v mini motor planetary low power consumption dc geared motor IEC60034IE1IE2IE3IE4

Warranty: 3months-1year
Certification: RIHS
Model Number: TGPP09-M10VA
material quality: plastic
Usage: Universal
Speed: Low Speed
Keywords: Brush Motor
Packaging Details: 1000 pieces per box
Port: shenzhen

gear motor, JC Agras T30 Power Distribution Module Agriculture Drone Essential Accessories Repair Spare all Parts TGPP09-M10VA is widely used in:1.Toy, High quality kitchen food waste recycling machinevegetable market garbage dewatering machine with shredder for compost Cameras, PLF PLE060 3-stage 60mm High Torque Straight Spur Gear Sun Planetary Gearbox Reducer with Shaft Adapter for Servo Stepper Motor Remote control Robot
2.size:10.0 X 19.5mm, 96ZY120JX Series 460N.m, 650N.m IP54 High Torque Low Speed Tubular Pool Cover DC Planetary Gear Motor 19.5mm length micro motor
3.Reduction Ratio:1/170
4.weight:3.8g5.We can send samples first,and the delivery time is 15-20 days.